Less Politics. More Common Sense. 

Armed Forces and Veterans

  • We have the world’s greatest military. However, our armed services currently face the biggest shortage of applicants since moving to a volunteer fighting force. To address this issue, we must double down on our commitment to the bravest Americans who serve in our armed services: 
    • Double the impact of the G.I. Bill – all dependents of service members and veterans receive free tuition at public universities.
    • $10,000 sign-on bonus for all enlisted service members.

Climate and the Environment

  • Incentivize energy companies to diversify their portfolios and invest in new sources of renewable and low-cost American energy
    • Our home state of Texas is the #1 producer of wind energy in America. Texas must also be the #1 energy producer for Solar, Geothermal, Nuclear, and Hydrogen – let’s beat California in everything!
  • Ensure that Texas cements itself as the #1 energy-producing state for the next 100 years with tax credits for energy companies to build out renewable energy infrastructure like wind turbines, both on and off-shore, solar farms, and geothermal drilling.
  • Protect our national parks and federal lands. Keep America beautiful from Big Bend to the Badlands!


  • Let’s invent more, build more, and buy more in America!
  • Increase the federal minimum wage
    • Incentivize high-cost-of-living municipalities to increase their own minimum wages above federal.
  • Protect North Texas businesses and consumers
    • Pass a federal statutory definition of market power to allow the FTC to better prevent future mega-mergers that lead to monopolies that hurt everyday consumers, price gouging and other predatory practices. 
  • Support all future pro-infrastructure legislation 
    • Prioritize modernization of all ports of entry: airports, land-crossings, and seaports
  • Increase funding for the interstate highway system
    • Interstate funding hasn’t been raised since 1993
  • Promote new construction and housing starts
    • We don’t have enough good-quality and affordable housing. We need to cut red tape surrounding permitting in cities, thereby increasing the speed of development and housing and decreasing administrative costs to builders, buyers, and sellers.
  • Support American workers and unions while they fight for their right to competitive and fair wages that can support and sustain a family.

Education and Workforce Development

  • $7,500 Teacher Tax Credit
    • We have a shortage of high-quality teachers, vacant classrooms, and declining student achievement in math, reading, history, and science. Every child deserves a great education, regardless of their zip code and no matter how politicized education is in their state.  Free, public education is an American right that benefits everyone.
    • High quality teachers are the most important part of a strong education system. There are 4 million public, private and charter school teachers in America. Texas has almost 400,000 teachers. Each of them deserves a raise. This legislation would be the largest investment in American education in our nation’s history, and it’s a bargain for taxpayers. 
  • Universal Pre-K 
    • Direct Department of Education to match funding for states who set up universal, full-day Pre-K education
  • Four-Year College Tuition Cap
    • Moratorium on tuition increase for all publicly funded universities and colleges.
  • Expand Public School Choice
    • Open enrollment in traditional public choice and magnet schools: all parents should have the right to choose the best public school for their child
  • Combat Fentanyl in K-12 Schools
    • Provide life-saving Narcan supplies and training to every school in America in order to prevent fatal overdoses
  • Reallocate federal Department of Education funds towards vocational and career and technical education
    • Community college credentialing
    • K-12 vocational training pathways 
    • Internships and apprenticeships through organized labor unions and local businesses

End corruption in Washington D.C.

  • Ban Members of Congress and Federal Government Agencies from trading individual stocks
  • 10 year ban on lobbying after serving in Congress
  • Ban all PAC and lobbying donations to congressional campaigns

Energy Independence

  • Direct Department of Energy funds to modernize the Texas grid and connect it to neighboring states.
  • Support and celebrate American energy independence
    • Our nation must not rely on oil and gas imports from countries like Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Russia
    • Invest in all types of existing energy infrastructure and expand renewable sources such as wind, solar, hydroelectric, and geothermal.
    • Require methane capture at all new wellheads, and ban gas flaring with steeply increased fines
    • Direct Department of Energy to identify, plug, cap and reclaim all orphaned oil and gas wells across the United States.

Gun Violence

  • I support the 2nd amendment which includes reasonable government regulation of firearm sales and ownership per the Supreme Court.
    • This reasonable regulation is why you can’t buy a Javelin anti-tank missile at your local Cabela’s nor an M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank from your neighborhood Ford dealer.
  • Firearms kill more children (ages 1-18) than any other cause of death. I support the following common-sense gun safety proposals that enjoy the support of the vast majority of Americans while not infringing on the right to bear arms.
    • Universal background checks  
    • Waiting periods on assault-style firearms
    • Raise the minimum age for all firearm purchases
    • Crack down on illegal trafficking of weapons
    • Closing loopholes


  • Incentivize states, like Texas, to finally opt-in to Medicaid in order to help our struggling hospitals treat patients and keep their doors open. 
  • Expand the federal government’s ability to negotiate drug prices for Medicare
  • Pass Universal Coverage
    • Uninsured Americans cost hospitals, local municipalities, and taxpayers billions of dollars each year
  • Expand the open enrollment period for the ACA healthcare marketplace 
  • Pass a law that requires every secondary public school in America to have one dedicated mental health counselor
  • Increase in-home hospice care services for Medicaid/Medicare recipients 
  • Cap out-of-pocket maximums for co-pays and deductibles.
  • Expand the federal government’s investments in curing diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s.

Human Rights

  • No person should be discriminated against on the basis of sex, race, religion, or LGBTQ+ identification– which is why I would support passing the Equality Act.
  • The government should not be involved in determining who you love and what you do in your home.

Immigration and Border Security

  • I support a strong, secure, and modernized border that prevents unlawful crossings, human trafficking, and the smuggling of illicit drugs.
    • Establish and fund a fentanyl smuggling task force between DEA and U.S. Border Patrol
  • Increase federal funding to immigration courts which are currently overwhelmed and underfunded.
  • Incentivize American businesses operating in China to move their Chinese operations, jobs, and factories to Latin American countries
    • If people in Mexico, Honduras, Belize, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua had better economic opportunities and stable jobs then they wouldn’t walk thousands of miles to cross our border. This simple concept was explained to me by one of my 15-year-old immigrant students when I was a math teacher in 2018.

National Service

  • I believe to unify our country, every graduating high school senior should be incentivized to complete two years of public service with (1) a $5,000 signing bonus and (2) two years of college free at any public university or community college. Two years of public service would be completed via service with the following programs/agencies:
    • Americorps
    • Teach for America
    • Peace Corps 
    • City Year
    • U.S. Forest Service 
    • National Park Service
    • U.S. Department of Agriculture
    • Volunteer Fire Departments/EMTs
    • Rural Hospital Staff Corps

Protecting Social Security

  • Keep our promise to the hardworking Americans who paid into Social Security their whole life, are currently paying in, and the next generation.
    • Keep full retirement age at 67
    • Fully guarantee benefits indexed to the inflation rate
    • Oppose all extremist legislation that would cut Social Security payments to retired American citizens.

Reproductive Rights

  • Protect a woman’s right to choose and access healthcare
    • Government bureaucrats and politicians should not be making decisions that are between a doctor and a patient especially when it comes to reproductive medicine. I support passing the Women’s Health Protection Act.

Supporting our First Responders

  • $7,500 First Responder Tax Credit
    • We have a shortage of highly-qualified applicants in frontline public sector positions like police officers.
    • All first responders like police, firefighters, social workers, EMTs, and nurses should be eligible for a new $7,500 federal tax credit every year. That will help our communities recruit and retain the best emergency service professionals possible.
    • All first responders should be able to afford to live in the communities they serve.

Tax Reform

  • Legalize sports betting federally
    •  10% excise tax on all sports gambling
      • 50% of revenue used to offset Teacher and First Responder Tax Credits
      • 50% of revenue sent to fund the Social Security trust funds. 
  • Lower the corporate tax repatriation rate
    • Incentivize U.S. companies to move operations back to America, hire American workers, and build in America.
  • Special 25% tax on pattern short-term day trades
    • This would have no effect on capital markets nor on the ability of American firms to raise capital – just people betting on stocks in their basements
  • Recover lost tax revenue from tax-evaders
    • Simplify the tax code by reducing loopholes
    • Direct IRS to use new A.I. tools to find tax evaders and criminals while increasing collection rates and total revenue while cutting the U.S. deficit
    • Simplify the corporate tax rate to increase certainty for businesses and stabilize tax revenues to better decrease deficit

Term Limits

  • Being a politician is not a career –  it’s an opportunity to serve your country and make positive change for all Americans. I support passing the following Term Limits on Congress and Supreme Court:
    • 10 Years in House of Representatives or 5 Terms
    • 18 Years in the Senate or 3 Terms
    • 20 Years in the Supreme Court or 5 Presidential Cycles

Voting Rights and Gerrymandering

  • I support restoring the Voting Rights Act and ending extreme partisan gerrymandering on both sides, in both “Blue” and “Red” states.
  •  I support making Election Day a federal holiday in order to make voting accessible for all American citizens.